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If you have played any of the previous The Walking Dead, you know what you will find in The Final Season. We are facing a pseudo-graphic adventure in which story and decision making play a leading role, with some QTE sequence to solve action sequences, and with exploration and puzzles reduced to a minimum.

Clementine’s evolution and his relationship and influence on AJ is the mainstay of the season, and the feeling that everything we say to the boy can have an effect on his growth is very well achieved. They’ve made sure that everything about AJ’s “upbringing” matters, and when we least expect it, the words or actions we perform before his eyes can come back to hit us in the back and make us feel damn bad.  Obviously there are certain “fixed” plot points towards which the game guides us regardless of the decisions we make, but we must recognize that in The Walking Dead: The Final Season they have managed to get rid of another of the great evils of the saga: the false sense of freedom that often caused that in the end, our decisions barely affect the outcome.

The walking dead: la temporada final

The Walking Dead:Empires es un juego multijugador de supervivencia ambientado en el traicionero mundo de The Walking Dead de AMC. Sobrevive en esta dura realidad haciendo lo que haga falta. Busca provisiones y construye tu nuevo hogar. Forma equipo con aliados, compite contra enemigos maníacos y ten siempre cuidado con los muertos.

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La artesanía es esencial para la supervivencia. Posee una estación de artesanía NFT para poder crear fácilmente un tipo concreto de objeto en el mundo de TWDE. Coloca tu estación en un terreno de tu propiedad para crear objetos de alta calidad para tu propio uso o para venderlos a tus aliados.

Desarrolla tu tierra y conviértela en un lugar seguro para que otros busquen refugio… o en un jugoso objetivo para tus enemigos. En cualquier caso, te beneficiarás si tu territorio es un centro de acción. Ganarás recompensas y mejorarás tus tierras cuando otros compren, vendan, luchen o maten en ellas.

The Walking Dead Game

Different type because a success of this game is to place special units between the waves. Fat zombies that explode and take away visibility with their guts staining the screen, others that crawl on the ground, runners, armored, those that support many shots even to the head … As the rounds go up, the situation becomes more tense and a single carelessness ends the game witheringly. In fact, this may please many but displease many others, because it is not a game where you see that everything is going well or everything is going wrong little by little, because with any oversight the best of situations becomes a Game Over, as three touches the character falls, even if it is the tank of the group, Aidan.

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After Payday 2, there were high hopes for a game from Overkill and this license, which already in its betas warned that the production values and innovation were not going to live up to the best expectations. Being of the genre that it is it works, especially in co-op, with a more unusual component of tension for what is to come. But it brings almost nothing that we haven’t already played many times and needs technical and structural readjustments to really give something to talk about for months.

Walking dead ps5

Being Halloween and having seen the end of the first half of the tenth season of The Walking Dead series, what better day to review the official games of Robert Kirkman’s comics about the zombie apocalypse?

Logically, the quality of all these products has been very uneven, with a few that have tasted the sweetness of success, to the point of being the trigger for a formula for episodic adventures today, while others have bitten the ground to be fodder for walkers.

Not even the fever for this work of comics and television has been able to escape this Pokémon Go-driven fad. Yes, because The Walking Dead: Our World plunged us right into an Augmented Reality game where we could see the zombies on the street, with star appearances by several protagonists of the AMC series. The trailer looks exciting, but the reality is quite different…

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Next Games, author of the aforementioned “Our World”, had already tried its luck with this license with The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, a game that mixed tactical strategy with the popular city manager so typical of cell phones. The result was not surprising, but it was playable up to a certain point. Passable.

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